Communication Server

Communication Server

Databyte Communication Server (DCS-16)

Key Features:

  • User-friendly window based GUI software.
  • Multi-Channel: Supports the following channels: AMSS, POLNET, RADIO, GSM, PSTN, VSAT, SATELITE PHONE, BEST, RS232. Any other serial devices can be easily configured through user programmable script file.
  • Multi-Level password protection.
  • Facility to send all type of files as attachments.
  • Bilingual: supports both Hindi & English.
  • Configurable for different communication parameters.
  • ASCII/Baud dot character set, Supports both full & half duplex communication.
  • Message Storage in a database with facility to select log view Channel wise, In, Out & Chat messages.
  • Selectable printing for each channel: Auto / Manual, In / Out / All.
  • Selectable printing mode:
    • Line by line printing for dot matrix printers
    • Page printing for Inkjet, DeskJet and Laser printers
  • Channel Aliases.
  • Online as will as priority based scheduled transmission.
  • Received message alert with beep sound.
  • Screen view settable to multi-channel and single channel view.

Advanced Features:


Auto-Routing in Communication Server

Allows transmission of messages to indirectly connected terminal.
In above example Anantnag & Doda are not directly connected to each other & Srinagar is common connectivity point, which is connected to both stations. With auto-routing facility messages can be easily exchanged between both Anantnag and Doda through Srinagar automatically without any intervention of the operator.


Alternative-Routing in Communication Server

With this facility, transmission of messages are not line & equipment depended. During failure of any terminal, messages are automatically transmitted using other alternative available lines. The order of alternative routing can be changed as required.