PC Based Teleprinter



Databyte’s PC-TP-10 comprising of an Interface Box and Advanced DBCOM software converts any standard PC running Win 98 or higher version of Windows into a versatile and powerful teleprinter.

Technical Specifications:


  • Single Channel.
  • RS-232 Connectivity.
  • Teleprinter and RS232 signals are Optical Isolated.
  • Teleprinter output are Current Limited (settable to 20 mA or 40 mA).
  • Signaling Speed (50 to 4800 Baud).
  • Line status indication on the front Panel.
  • All required power supplies (+/-60V,+/-12V,5V) built in.


  • Window based Menu Driven program (compatible for win 98, win2000 & win Xp).
  • Facilities:
    • Online Conversation, WRU and HEREIS.
    • Scheduled and immediate transmission.
    • Auto Printing of line traffic.
    • Date wise log for transmitted and received messages.
    • Grouping of incoming messages based on keywords.

Other variants of the product include – PCTP-40 (Four Channel) and PCTP-80 (Eight channel)

ROTP – Receive only teleprinter

  • Single Channel.
  • A complete solution for all newspaper agencies.
  • Comes in two models “Internal plug in card” for LX-800 printer and External box for other printers.
  • Supports Urdu, English and Devanagari.