Forex Board

Foreign Exchange Display
Foreign Exchange Display Board

Foreign Exchange Rate Display Board

An Exchange rate display board is numeric electronic LED display used to show important numerical or statistical information. Common applications include: Foreign Exchange Indicators; Gold Rates; Interest Rate Indicators; Tariff or Price Indicators.

Our Forex Electronic Display Board is the most effective way to distribute and display foreign exchange rates. It helps keep your customers informed of exchange rates and movements in the currency markets.


  • Easy to Read – Bright elegant display makes it easy to read the rates from distance.
  • Ease to Update – PC interface & IR remote provide an easy way to update exchange rates.
  • Includes a time and date display at the top of the board.
  • Ease of installation – Supports various mounting options like wall-mounting, floor standing etc.

Gold Rates Display Board

A variation of the FOREX LED display board is the Gold Rates Display board.


  • Displays five rows of 5 digits each of height 2.3″.
  • Displays Time and date.
  • Rates are modified through a wireless remote.
  • All necessary power supplies are built in.
  • Very easy to install. Simply hang it on two rear key-holes, connect power and set your rates.