Multi-Purpose Terminal

Multi Purpose Terminal


Multi-Messenger is a multi-purpose message terminal. It incorporates all the known applications of a message terminal into a single equipment.

It can be used as:

  • Teleprinter Terminal.
  • RS232 Terminal.
  • TC/IP Server : Allows LAN/WAN users to send/receive messages on the attached teleprinter line.
  • Remote RS access to TP : In this mode teleprinter line can be accessed from a remote PC or other systems through a telephone modem or a simple RS232 link.
  • Morse terminal : Allows prepared messages to be sent out in MORSE code once or repeatedly at a selected speed – through local keyboard or from a remote site through modem.
  • Teleprinter to Telephone Convertor : By connecting 2 Multi-Messengers through modems over telephone lines one can send encrypted teleprinter signals (coming from devices such as ECL/BEACON) over telephone lines.
  • ASCII to BAUDOT Convertor : In this mode, communication drivers of DOS, Windows, UNIX and Linux such as Procomm, Hyper Terminal etc. which have ASCII output can be used to drive teleprinter(BAUDOT) lines.
  • RS-TP Level Convertor : This mode allows PC to be used as a Teleprinter Terminal. We also provide DOS and Windows based software for this application.


  • Two line LCD display shows IN and OUT traffic separately.
  • Full PC standard 109 key keyboard.
  • Allows message preperation, transimission, reception and printing simultaneously.
  • All modes and parameters are keyboard programmable.
  • 64K battery-backed memory for prepared and received messages.
  • Full function editor to prepare messages.
  • Facility to edit and transmit received messages.
  • Facility for online chat, WRU and HEREIS.
  • Auto-printing of messages. Also supports reprinting messages.
  • All required power suppplies built-in (60V, 12V, 5V).
  • Operates on 230VAC and 12V battery (RS232 only).
  • Its compatible with the following:
    • Army LAN/WAN
    • AMSS
    • ASCON Telex
    • AREN Telex
    • RTT
    • BEST
    • PRIME
    • SMART
    • Any standard Dialup Modem or Point to Point Teleprinter